In Massachusetts, sober homes and recovery residences are different models for substance abuse recovery. Recovery residences —formerly known as halfway houses — are licensed residential treatment mash certified sober homes programs, while Massachusetts sober homes are peer-led and do not provide treatment. Sober homes provide mutual support, emphasize independent living skills, and depend on peer leadership.

(f) The bureau shall prepare, publish and disseminate a list of alcohol and drug free housing certified pursuant to this section; provided, however, that the list shall be updated bimonthly. The list shall be disseminated to the director of the division of drug rehabilitation and to each state agency or vendor with a statewide contract that provides substance use disorder treatment services. The commissioner of probation shall inform all district and superior court probation officers and the chief justice of the trial court shall inform all district and superior court judges on how to access the list. The list shall also be posted on the website established pursuant to section 18.

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Establishing a strong sober home community culture is critical to success in recovery. All MASH-certified sober homes are required to have comfortable living space, with a common living area, designated living and sleeping areas that meet our requirements for square footage, bathrooms that accommodate the home’s maximum capacity. MASH-certified sober homes must also offer a peer-based environment and be drug- and alcohol-free. It is a feeling.”  Our certified sober homes take pride in offering a home-like environment that supports recovery.

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Each house is designed to help people stay sober through community living and accountability. At Faith House Communities, we believe that recovery is a lifelong process and we are committed to supporting our residents every step of the way. If you or a loved one is in need of a sober living environment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In 2007, eight sober house operators established the Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing. Legislation in 2014 created voluntary certification of Massachusetts sober houses, and MASH began managing voluntary statewide sober home certification in 2016.

Sober home operators oppose regulations in MN House bill. State says changes needed.

To refer an ATR participant for sober home assistance and placement, authorized portals should complete this referral form and upload any required documentation. Our referral form is password protected, and only Authorized Referral Portals have access to make a referral. The goal of adding regulations to sober homes is to get rid of “bad actors” in the business, said co-author of the bill Rep. Mohamed Noor, DFL-Minneapolis. This year’s Minnesota House human services omnibus bill includes a series of restrictions to sober homes across the state. Operators warn some of them could shut down sober homes and prevent more from opening. Curtiss said keeping people who relapse in the home for the 24-hour period is risky.

We must contact the funeral home/cremation society handling the arrangements during their business hours to verify the death. If the body of the deceased has been donated to the University of Minnesota Anatomy Bequest Program, or a similar program, their phone number is required for verification. We provide property management solutions that add value to the assets we manage.


The DHS disputed the interpretation that the bill requires that staff administer medications and said they communicated with MASH the opportunity to ask clarifying questions on April 10 but have not yet received a response. We are not allowed to reference other media sources with a guestbook or an obituary placed elsewhere when placing an obituary in print and online. We may place a website for a funeral home or a family email for contact instead; contact us with any questions regarding this matter. In order to publish obituaries a name and phone number of funeral home/cremation society is required.

What New York can learn from Massachusetts sober home clean-up – The Journal News

What New York can learn from Massachusetts sober home clean-up.

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NARR began to affiliate with state-level organizations to promote evidence-based standards for sober houses and other residential recovery programs and centers. MASH affiliated with NARR and helps promote these standards at sober houses across Massachusetts. In July 2014, Bill H.1828 was passed into law mandating the monitoring and voluntary certification of MA Sober Homes. Bright Spot Sober Living provides a safe, supportive and structured environment for those taking the next step on their recovery journey.